Twisted Hearts part 1

Twisted Hearts is my first quiz series and quiz on here. So, I am sorry if it is not that good. This is just the beginning though. Therefore it is bound to get more exciting! Right?

This is a quiz about a normal teenage girl, Rhiannon, who ends up having to change schools. This is the beginning of a mess of events, where some...not so normal things start. They all revolve around this one boy, who will not allow her to get near him. She has medium, straight, blonde hair. Along with a set of grey eyes. Here is her story:

Created by: VioletTears
  1. I am young and quite mature for my age. Ever since my parents have stopped taking care of me, which was when I was about thirteen, I have learned to become mature. The reason I have to be this way is my parents no longer provide me with meals, and they don't give me any comfort I need. My parents are hardly even around anymore. I'm lucky if I see them in the house anymore. It seems that they just want nothing to do with their child anymore. So, I have had to fend for myself for four years, as I am seventeen now. I've had to become a mature child, instead of one just having fun. Though nothing could have prepared me for this. This was too hard, and I couldn't figure out what to do. I may be mature, but I don't think anyone is mature enough for this. My whole body was shaking in fear, or at least I thought it was fear. Maybe it was from the cold metal pressing against my skin. That probably wasn't the reason either. It was probably the fact that in one decsion, in one decsion that I had to make, I could loose everything.
  2. Wait I am getting way ahead of myself. Maybe I should go back to when this first began. All the way back to when I was new to this school. I was still seventeen, but I had just turned that age. Literally, my birthday was yesterday, though no one cared. All they were worried about was finding me a new high school to go to. The last one I went to I got expelled, so yeah, no more of that school. I'm glad though, everyone hated me in that school. Maybe this new school would mean a new start. A new start where I don't have to get into fights everyday...that would be nice.
  3. Your probably wondering why my parents would even bother finding me a new high school if they didn't care? Well I will tell you why, because it is illegal, and they don't want to go to jail. So, that is why they are hurrying to find me a high school. To pass the time while they found me a school I sat listening to my iPod. This always helped me clear my mind too. Finally there was a loud bang on my bedroom door. Then a slip of paper was slid under the door. Notes. I don't even get to be talked to anymore, they just give me notes. So, I shut off my iPod and went over to the note. It read, "Your new school is Anclote High School. You have to be there today by 8:00 a.m." I glanced over at the clock, and it was 7:45 a.m. Great my parents are going to make me late, and on my first day too. Quickly I got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, and ran out the door, but making sure to grab my backpack first.
  4. I power walked the whole way to my new school, that was a mile away. It didn't seem too long till I finally reached the school. No one was outside, which means that I was really late. Quickly I ran up the front steps and entered the door, leading into the office. I walked up to the gray desk, but no one was there. There was a digital clock behind the desk that read 8:30 a.m. Wow! I was a lot later than I had thought. With a click of a door a lady came over to the desk and sat down. She eyed me carefully before she finally asked, "You must be the new student. Rhiannon, right?" To answer her question I nodded my head. Then the lady handed me a piece of paper, and pointed to the double doors. I took the paper, and walked through the doors. I was looking down at the paper the whole time.
  5. The piece of paper had all of my classes listed on it. My first class was gym. Great that is all I need a coach to be yelling at me in the morning. My eyes were still glued to the paper, and I had no idea where I was going. Not that I would have known anyway, there were no class numbers on my paper. While my eyes were on my paper, was when I ran into someone. They were so solid that I fell to the ground on my butt. Ouch! That hurt a lot. I looked up expecting to see a teacher, since everyone would be in class.
  6. When I looked up I saw a guy, who looked to be around my age. Why was this kid out of class? Probably skipping... My thoughts were interrupted when the boy spoke. He said, "I am sorry! I should have moved, but I wasn't paying attention." As he said this he offered me a hand, to help me up, which I took politely. When I was on my feet I looked around for my scheduele, but the guy already had it. He gave it to me as soon as he noticed I saw it. "Thanks," I said in response, with a hint of a smile on my face.
  7. My own smile caught me off guard, it had been forever since I had smiled at someone. After I pondered this for a bit, I folded my scheduele, and put it in my pocket. Then I looked back up at the guy. This is when I noticed what he looked like. He had normal, styled, dark brown hair. Though it had a streak of blonde in it. This made me stare at his hair for a while, trying to tell whether it was dyed or natural. I gave up that, and looked at his eyes. His eyes were bright green, so bright they seemed to light up the room. When I was done studying his face over, I saw how tall he was. He looked to be about six foot, or at least around that. I was interrupted from my staring when he said, "Um, I have to go." His voice sounded rushed, like he was in a hurry. Maybe I had scared him off? Then he started to walk away. I didn't want him to go, but I couldn't think of anything to say. Finally I said, "Wait! I don't even know your name...and where is the gym?" When I spoke he turned around and said with a smile, "Gym is to the right." Then he was gone. Great, but that only answers one of my questions...I didn't bother chasing after him, so I looked to the right, and walked through the double doors.
  8. Gym seemed to pass by rather quickly, though I did notice something rather odd. I kept noticing someone staring at me. Though everytime I looked over to see who it was, they ran off in an extreme hurry. The only thing I saw on them was dark brown hair...I discarded this thought though, because the person moved so fast. My next class was english, not one of my strongest classes. Though I held my head high and walked in. Everyone was already either seated or next to their desk. So I walked to the only empty desk, and started putting my stuff down. A girl stopped me midway of putting my stuff down. This made my eyes glance up at her. "Yes?" I asked her while studying her. Her hair was perfectly styled, and silky, brown hair. It was the type of brown hair that had that hint of red in it. Her eyes were dark brown, and were glaring at me. Her hand, with nails that had recieved a manicure recently were wrapped around my arm. This made me shrug her off. Then she said, in a high pitched voice that was almost a squeak, "That's my seat." I heard chuckles from my classmates behind me, which told me she was lying. Fine if she wants to play that way, we will. So, I put on a fake smile and said, in a sarcastic voice, "Oh of course! Wouldn't want to upset the princess." Then I took the seat at the front of the class. A few people silently laughed to themselves as I sat, with a smirk on my face.
  9. After I sat down in my desk I saw, in the corner of my eye, a guy staring at me. When I looked over at him, he had this smile on his face. This wasn't a normal persons smile though; this was one of the most gorgeous smiles. He was the example of having a pretty smile. This made me study him over a bit. He had short, dirty blonde hair. Along with a set of dark blue eyes. All this was nice, but it was his smile that caught me. My thoughts and staring was interrupted when he spoke up, saying, "You going to stare at me like that all period?" His voice was teasing me. This made me snap back at him, replying with, "You going to have that stupid smile on your face all class?" Even as I said the words 'stupid smile' I knew I didn't mean them. "Ouch! Well that hurt my feelings," he said while sounding like a toddler that got hurt. We sat in silence for a little while before I said, "Sorry, I was still upset about that one girl-" "Celeste," he said interrupting me. "It's fine. She has a tendency to do that to a lot of people. Most of us just ignore her, but some of us don't put up with it, like me. Though she would never even dream of messing with me," he said while praising himself at the end, with another smile on his face. Okay, so this guy is full of himself...great!..."Anyway! You must be new, my name is Adrian!" he said this while extending his hand toward me. "My name is Rhiannon," I said while shaking his hand. My eyes looking at his face and finding their way to his smile again.
  10. I kept looking at him for awhile, before I finally looked down at my desk. When I broke that gaze it seemed like time had flied, because the next thing I knew I was leaving school. Kids were pouring out the double doors so fast, it seemed like I was the last one out. Silently I walked, with a hop in my step, down the stairs. Then I heard from a distance, "Rhiannon!" I looked over, upon hearing my name, and saw Adrain. He was waving me over to him. Next to him was the boy I had met earlier, the one with the amazing hair. Then on the other side was a new boy. This boy had completely jet black hair, which made his icey blue eyes stand out even more. They were really pretty eyes. After I had studied the boy a little more, I walked over. Though as soon as I did the one I had met earlier walked away quickly. This made me very confused. Did I scare him away that badly? Adrian spoke up as soon as I was there saying, "Blake, this is the girl I was talking about. The one that wouldn't quit checking me out." After he had said this a smirk appeared on his face. Blake just rolled his eyes. I spoke up and said, "I was not checking you out, Adrian." "Fine. You were gazing at me wantingly." "I was not! I was...studying you." The conversation was dropped there, but Adrain gave me a look that meant 'yeah, right'.
  11. Adrain then left me and Blake while saying, "Stay there! I forgot something." Though I didn't hear much of what he said, because I was occupied. I was busy staring at the mysterious boy from this morning. He stood leaning against the school wall. His arms were crossed and his head was leaning on the wall. I couldn't see his piercing, green eyes, because they were closed. Oh how I wished I could figure out why he wouldn't talk to me. It seemed the more he pulled away, the more I wanted to know. "Don't worry about him, he is just...shy." said Blake comfortingly. I could tell that he was lying right away, but he meant well, so I did not say anything about it. "How come he is avoiding me then? I mean, I have seen shy people before, but not like this," I asked sounding confused. Blake sighed and said, "Well, have you considered that maybe some people should just never meet each other? And if they did, happen to meet, that lots of bad things may happen? Things that could put everyone at risk?" "What?! No," I replied. "Well, you should start," he said before walking away, and over to Adrian. Then they talked before Adrian waved at me, and they left. As they did this my mystery boy opened his eyes and followed behind them, before catching up to them. So, there I was standing there confused, and alone in front of school.

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