Sacred Hearts part 5

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enjoy this guys! i'm sorry bout the ending, it was an instant idea and i stuck with it. good luck! comment and rate! please! part six soon! they are going to be more spaced out now that my school is starting.

i did include pics, that's sort of what they look like ( i nailed Stark and Marcus) good luck. comment and rate! this is my first series, so it is a little weak.

Created by: sazi

  1. "Juliet!" someone yells your name as they caress your face. you sit up instantly and bash heads with the person who is hanging over you, your bedside light is still on. "OW!" you both say, "What are you doing in here Marcus?" you ask, "You were screaming in your sleep." he whispers lying down next to you.
  2. "Oh..." You sigh, you were just having a nightmare. it was so real though, it was the car crash and then the graveyard incident. "It was just a nightmare," you explain and sit up. "What was it about?" he asks. "Nothing."you say abruptly as you remember seeing the lifeless features of you little sister, your heart races. and you stand up. "Juliet... i know it's hard." he says as he puts a hand on your shoulder. "No you don't!"you yell as you feel like your heart is ripped from your chest. *figure of speech!*
  3. "Juliet, we have all lost our loved ones, and it just made us stronger. and we may have lost them but we found you." He gently kisses your neck and wraps his arm around you. you watch the sun rise together as he tells you that it's all going to be ok.
  4. you step outside and are greeted by a cool breeze that lifts your hair back. you feel at peace with the world, you sit on the grass and close your eyes and let the world sing to you.
  5. "STARK!!!" you hear the boys yelling inside for their brother *they aren't related, they are just so close they are like brothers*matt runs outside, "Have you seen Stark?"he pants.
  6. "Stark's gone?" YOu stammer. matt nodds. and marcus appears at the door way of the house, his expression solem
  7. matt runs back inside to search the attic. and Marcus stands there and stares blankly into the distance. you hear whispering it sounds like the words "Little sister..." you look around
  8. then, you wake up, in your old bed to the sound of a gun shot. yo look outside and see your dad sprawled on the front stoop.
  9. "Honey?" You hear your mom scream at your dad'lifeless body. "MARCUS! MATT! STARK!" you scream. tears pouring down your face. "This is all wrong! it couldn't have been a dream!" you yell in your empty room.
  11. cooment and rate?

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