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hey! this is my first quiz, so sorry it's so long! three guyz one enemy! falling in love! enjoy!!! yeah, i don't know what to wirte here but please take it!!!

ummmmmm. i hope you like it! sorry it's so depressing in the beginning. well, the whole story is kind of sad! if u like it please comment and rate! i'm gonna make a part two so please take it aswell, i swear it'll get better!

Created by: sazi
  1. "JULIET! NO SLEEPING IN MY CLASS!!!" your science teacher screamed at you. it wasn't your fault, you got no sleep last night, your dad had walked out on youm your mum and your little sister, Angie, he then returned later that night with a gun to his head. he yelled at your mum as she cried and then he pulled the trigger. you had witnessed this all from your balconey.
  2. "Sorry miss." You mutter, you told no one about this, mostly because you have hardly any friends as it's your first week here. the bell goes before your teacher could give you a week of detention. you step out into a light drizzle and look for your mums car. Angie (your little sister) comes running up to you. and you guyz walk towards the car. your little sister is seven years younger than you. she's only eight (if you suck at maths it means your fifteen) you hop in the car and your sister hops in the front in her little car chair. there is a deathly silence in the car. your mum's eyes are puffy and her skin is pale and withered. "Mum-" you begin but she starts the car and drives towards the highway.
  3. it's clear your mum doesn't want to talk about anything, so you pick up your ipod and start to listen to some music as the rain hammers on the roof of the car, your little sister sits and stares out the window. no one had really told her what happened to dad.then you notice a large silver truck hurtling through the street straight at your car. you grab your sister and holdm her close to prevent her from being smushed. but it's to late. as you cradle your sister you hear your mum screaming as the truck hits the front of your car. suddenly it's silent and all you can feel is pain. yous gasp for air as you push away from the rubble of the car. you look for your sister and feel a small wet, stickey lump in your arms. you open your eyes and stare at the angelic still, blood stained, face of your lifeless siters body. you feel tears leak from your eyes and the hear the ripping sobs coming from your chest and the faint sound of an ambulance approaching.
  4. a muscular paramedic tries to lift your from the car. you push away screaming "NO! NO! NO! ANGIE!!!" you cry out your sister name as you kick and scream in pain when your realise you have a giant piece of glass sticking out your leg. you sob and scream as you try to regain control of your body as it starts to shut down. you lift your bloody hands and drop to your kness and feel outwards for anything then your entire being is shutting down, darkness fills every corner of your mind.
  5. you wake up later in someones arms, praying that this was all a dream. you keep your eyes shut in fear of breaking the serenity of your mental sate. but it's too late, the pain pulsates through your body you gasp for air. "Shhh."you hear a male voice softly whiper in your ear. "I know it hurts." the sweet voice continues, "But the pain will go away." He continued as you felt his arm muscles flexed as he changer your position. you felt a soft fabric underneath your shoulder.
  6. you notice your in a different place, a cosy bed and also that there is no more pain. you can hear people arguing with each other. "How could you let her out of your site Stark??" You hear a male yelling under his breath at someone, "I'm sorry, but the sun was out at that particular time and well, Loki took that truck." The boy sounded upset. "Both of you just shut it. arguing isn't going to help anything. at least she's still alive." it sounded like the boy who was carrying you and you felt a warm hannd caress your face.
  7. "Matt's right Marcus. i am sorry but i didn't mean for this to happen, honest!" the boy whose name i thought was Stark appeared to be getting angry, Matt slowly stood up from the bed. "fine! i don't care i'm going, call me when something important happens!" i heard a door slam. "Marcus is just pissed at the moment, he'll get over it." Stark said and Matt returned to me, i decided now would be the appropriate time to force open my eyelids.
  8. "Morning beautiful," Matt says as looks you in the eyes. all you can see is gorgeous green pools that are Matts eyes. "Hi." you smile but realise that it hurts pretty badly. "Why am i here?" you ask
  9. "well, we" he indicate Stark, who is backed up in the corner and the vacant spot where Marcus stood earlier "well, we have been following you because we beleive you have the power to destroy our enemy." Matt said, you looked over at Stark, who appeared not to be breathing "Way to tell her everything!" Marcus burst through the door. "SHE DESERVES TO KNOW MARCUS!" Stark yells. "BUT SHE MIGHT BE THE WRO-" Marcus stopped dead as he saw you, you were in an upraised position, your ocean blue eyes gleaming in the light. you smiled at him as your eyes met his blue ones. "Nombre de dios." he murmered as approached the side of your bed.
  10. "Marcus, see? she is the one." Matt stated, now you were starting to get a little mad, i mean, no one was telling you anything. "GUYS!" you yell "WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING HERE? WHERE AM I? AND WHAT WAS MATT GOING ON ABOUT AND WHERE'S MY, my-" you stop speaking as you feel tears spring to your eyes as youn notice the pain throbbing in your legm reminding you of the crash. "Juliet," Matt murmers in your ear. "Leave me alone!" you attempt at turning away as the images of your lifeless sister penatrate your mind. your chest feels as though it ripping apart and tears spring to your eyes, "I'm So sorry Jules." Stark comes out of the shadows.
  11. "Just tell me why i am here and what i am here for." You whisper. "You're here because there is a dark force out there, the same force that killed your family." Stark started Matt continued "And well, you hold the powers ti destroy it. you have the abilty to slip in and out of the spirit world. which is where the darkness keeps his secrets." Marcus continues "You hold the power to control each of the elements, storms ect." "You're also a warrior" Matt butted in. "we each can only control one thing, i can control fire and well Matty here can control nature, you know, like grow stuff. and Stark, he's a Vampire and is best with water." Marcus mumbled. "And we're here to teach you nad to protect you, because the darkness wants you too, butvto destroy the world." Matt smiles at you.
  12. thanks guyz! CLIFFHANGER!!!!! this was my first quiz hope you liked it!
  13. comment and rate please!
  14. byeziez!

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