My Tears Are For You (Memory 2)

This story is about a girl who experienced true love. She had found that special someone, but soon after, great pain follows her. It strikes her at the spot where pain can be felt most. Her heart.

Everything starts going downhill for her. She cannot control what is to come. Knowing that, she hates herself. She wants to stop it but she can't. What will happen to the life as she knows it? (me: It sounds pretty cheesy to me but it seems to fit so...)

Created by: Fairygal
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  1. (Just to say, you should read the prequel and memory 1 if you haven't already. You'll be confused about what's going on if you didn't.)
  2. My thoughts seem to be out of contol ever since the class ended. They keep going back to the luscious blue eyes that seem to be peering into my soul. The confidence, thoughtfulness, and love displayed in them are too much for me to stand. The way he looked at me, the way he talked, and the way he moved, it seems all so familiar. The strange feeling that was kept in my heart keeps reppearing. This time I'm determined to keep them locked inside. Nothing is going to distract me from living my life. Not even a boy that was in my dreams. A boy who is cute, romantic, and genuinely nice. A boy I don't even know.
  3. My thoughts are interrupted by my friend who was talking to me the whole time. Erica is a girl who is loyal and completely trustworthy. She always have the greatest sense of what's going on and what one's thinking. She has curly hair the colour of fire and eyes that shimmer like emeralds. Suggested by her appearance, she can be fiery when messed with. She can be scary and protective when a friend's in need but she is very lovable. She has been my friend ever since I was young and I intend to keep it that way.  
  4. "Elaine, what did you think of the new guy? He is so cute! That brown hair and blue eyes..." She gives a big sigh while her eyes flutter before she continues. "I wish he would look at me the way he did to you." I blush thinking about how his intense blue eyes were looking at mine. The colour of ocean water lingers in my thoughts. "He looked at me? I didn't noticed." "Didn't noticed!? Are you kidding me?  Obviously he thinks you're cute because he kept looking at you the whole time during class," Erica exclaims, hands waving frantically. "I mean everyone noticed."
  5. I didn't say anything after that. I don't want to tell her my feelings on the matter. The truth is that I did noticed. I also noticed how passionate he is and how romantic he can be. Not only in my dreams but also in the present. All this I could say to Erica but I didn't. I can't tell her the familiarity I feel with him. It's just too weird. I do feel guilty for not telling her. What friend am I for not doing so? These thoughts remain in my mind until later that night. Deeply engrossed in my thoughts, I fall into a deep slumber. My dreams embrace me as an invisible force slowly carries me away. Carrying me through a world that existed long ago...*** 
  6. ***White space. Black abyss. The accustomed bright light and the constant silence. They pass in what feels like seconds. I wake up to the same pain as the last time I was here. This time though I am lying on the grounds within the gardens, the balcony above me. The many variety of flowers surround me, creating an atmosphere of beauty, serenity, and awe. The beauty emanated from them makes me feel a sense of belonging. Different hues of red, blue, yellow, and purple stand out in the minimal glow of the darkness. They light a spark in my heart and make me feel warm inside. Off at a distance, I can hear water trickling. The sound so soft and calm, having the ability to lull one to sleep. Attracted to the sound, I follow it to find a fountain in a circular space. The crystal clear water is rushing out the top to fall into the pool of transparent liquid. I sit on the edge of the fountain and stare at the reflection of the flowers in the water. I cup my hand into it to feel the cold water seeping through my fingers. The cool air created from the rushing water blows at my face, making me feel nice. The sounds of laughter are so quiet that they are pushed in the far recesses of my mind.
  7. "I see that you are back," a voice says. I turn my head slightly to see the man from last time behind me. The man that looks the same as Will from the present. I cannot see the magnificient features on his face since he is standing far away from me in the shadows. It's as if he is unsure of how comfortable I am with him. This makes me sad because I in some way want to get to know him. I want to know the history that exists between us. He continues, "Do you remember the last time you were here? That was the first time I met you."
  8. Not knowing what he's talking about, I keep quiet. I watch the dark outline of his body, hoping that he will talk more and give me hints of our relationship. After that, I hear a rustle of leaves. The man walks into the light and I see something red in his hands. A rose. The delicate petals fold into the center and it reminds me of my affection for the flower. The symbol of love and friendship. The colour of passion, beauty, fire, attraction... and death. The man walks toward me with a smile on his face, his blue eyes focussing on mine. "From what I can recall, this is your favourite flower," he whispers softly. 
  9. Air escapes my lips. I haven't realized that I held them in for the whole time. How could he know that? I don't even know anything about him and yet, he knows something that hardly anyone else does. As I take the flower from his hands, I ask, "How did you know that they are my favourite?" Surprised at my response, he says, "Do you not remember? When I happened on you the last time, you were standing right there looking at the roses..." He points at the bushes across from where I am. "Not knowing that you were not alone, you jumped and dropped one. You looked at me with shock on your face. The way you reacted caused a laugh to come out of me. You stuttered in apology and told me that roses are your favourite..." He sits beside me on the fountain edge and peers into the water. "I will never forget that day. You looked so beautiful with your hair up on your head, a few strands managing to escape and framing your cheeks instead. I have seen many women but none like you." His blue eyes pry from the water and stares intensely at mine. I blush at what he said. A handsome man like him thinks that I am beautiful. How's that even possible? There must be women much prettier than me. 
  10. "It is not a lie, Elaine. Everything I say is true. I will never allow myself to say anything that is dishonest. It is part of my role as--" he starts to say but he gets interrupted. He gives a frustrated sigh as loud running footsteps can be heard approaching us. Soon a man comes out of the bushes. He looks around the same age as the past Will but his clothes are not as extravagant. He is good looking but he does not have the same effect on me like Will does. "Prince William, what are you doing here? You are to converse with all the dukes and duchesses in there. The king and queen will not be happy to know that you are... Oh," he says but stops when he finally realizes that I'm here. After looking at me for a bit, he continues, "I have to apologize. Where are my manners? I am Francis, a nobleman of London. If you may, I must take Prince William inside to greet the guests. We must hurry." Not waiting for my response, he tells William that he should really go. Then without another word, he turns the other way and leaves us alone.
  11. With no distractions, William looks at me, sadness in his eyes. He reluctantly tells me that he should leave, and so he takes my hand to his lips and kisses it. Then he leaves, his presence lingering at the spot beside me.
  12. My heart is racing at the thought of him. He is so well-mannered and kind, unlike any boy in my own time. Well, maybe except Will. After thinking about him for a while, I decide to take the opportunity to enjoy my time here. When I walk into the ballroom, I let out an involuntary gasp
  13. THE END. I know. Worst cliffhanger ever. I just want to send out another part before the week starts and before it gets too late. Now I am so relieved. Anyway, what did you think about it? Did you like it? Do you want more of Will or Prince William? If you can or want to, post in the comments!

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