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  1. How many types are there in blotting techniques?
  2. What are the techniques use to transferred DNA onto nitrocellulose paper?
  3. What are the techniques use to transferred RNA onto nitrocellulose paper?
  4. What are the techniques use to transferred protein onto nitrocellulose paper?
  5. Southern blotting: The smaller the DNA fragment....
  6. The steps involved in the Southern Blot test should be performed in the following order 1 = x-ray film 2 = electrophoresis 3 = digestion with restriction enzyme 4 = ethidium bromide 5 = radioactive probe
  7. Separation of charged molecules are separated based on varying rates of migration through a solid matrix when subjected to an electric field
  8. Northern hybridization is a technique for?
  9. In western blotting first steps, should we use DNA or RNA for electrophoresis process?
  10. In western blotting, sample proteins are separated using?

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