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" there are many ninjas in the world". what is a ninja? a) a noble fighter b) a person protecting one or something c) one who is forced to do work all the time

Are you a ninja? do you have the effort to succeed techniques? can YOU PASS NINJA ACADEMY? WELL YOU CANT, TOO BAD. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A USEFUL NINJA?

Created by: ANGELA D.

  1. Who did Haku really really look up to the most?
  2. Who is Madara's rival?
  3. Why did Mimizu use Naruto to get the scroll?
  4. What is Naruto dream?
  5. Name 2 guys that love Sakura and 1 guy Saukra loves.
  6. does sasuke hate life?
  7. Who does hinata admire?
  8. who's sakura's rival/ enemy?
  9. Who is naruto's demon inside of him called?
  10. What happened to the leaf village 15 years ago?

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