How well do you know your Naruto

This quiz is about some basic knowledge of naruto.I hope that you are a fan of naruto like me.I have put in some quite difficult questions to seperate the real naruto experts. I know that you all should be naruto fans because you are taking a naruto quiz. Below are some info on naruto that you might find interesting. Pardon me if this was not a good quiz, i tried my best.

Tobi is actually Madara Uchiha, and the actual leader of akatsuki. The so-called leader, who has the weird eyes, called rinnengan, the most powerful eyes, is being used by Madara.This is something i learnt recently. Itachi didnt kill sasuke because, although he promised Madara to wipe out the entire clan, the life of his cute little brother weighed more than the village, which madara threatened to wipe out if itachi did not kill the clan.

Created by: Annie Shi
  1. Who did Sasuke first kiss on the lips?
  2. Which of the following was never Sasuke's teammate
  3. Tobi's true identity is...
  4. Tsunade is...
  5. Itachi ...(which is false)
  6. members of the sound four are:
  7. Tayuya only carries 1 weapon, which is...
  8. which of the following are not sharingan users
  9. Theorically, The best eye technique is...
  10. Refering to Q7, the sound 4 was originally the sound 5. who is mr no.5? Hint: 'MR'(MAN)
  11. Kankuro uses what to attack?
  12. If ninjutsu, wat ninjutsu does he use?
  13. if not, does he use Genjutsu? How does he use genjutsu
  14. Puppets? if so what does he use
  15. Taijutsu?
  16. What happens when Gaara runs out of sand

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Naruto