What of my Naruto Characters are You?

Hey. This is a multiple choice quiz I made about Naruto, to show people who they are like most. I require Naruto fans and I'm sorry but the questions are designed for guys because the results are only Naruto guys. (Gaara, Neji, Kiba, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Choji [weird combinations, eh?])

This multiple choice quiz approximately will determine who you are most like out of my characters. The quiz I have here is a bit inaccurate because it's hard to decide the exact facts of the characters. This quiz is quite simple. You'll get through easily. Enjoy!

Created by: Jeremy

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  1. You are in bed sleeping. When your alarm goes off, you try to turn it off, but suddenly a shuriken crashes through the window and hits the clock, stopping the alarm. You:
  2. So, you don't kill him. But it seems as though it's your sensei. He needs you to go on a mission with your worst enemy. You:
  3. So, you don't kill him. But it seems as though it's your sensei. He needs you to go on a mission with your worst enemy. You:
  4. You meet up with your worst enemy and teacher. He has to leave for a bit. So during the wait, your worst enemy asks... no.. challenges you to fight him/her. You:
  5. Strangely, he fights you and he beats you. You curse and at the same time, your sensei comes back saying the mission has already taken care of. So your services aren't needed. You:
  6. You leave your worst enemy. You get back into town. You think about what to now. You:
  7. After your break, you find that you are needed at the Land of Waves. You go there with your best friend and you find that you need to clean up the dishes at a cold soba restaurant. You:
  8. You are done with the chore and you get back to the village trying to find your friends. But along the forest, a robber tries to steal your money. You:
  9. After dealing with the robber, you find your friends. You ask them to come with you to eat some food. When you do, one of them would like some fun and she splashes you into your soup! You:
  10. Asuma Sensei comes to tell you that you have to go on a mission, a serious one. It requires for you to interrogate a man named Kisigami, a gambler fraud. He is in the Konoha Village so you find him. When you do, you:
  11. The next day, you instantly want to train. So you walk across the street to get to where you'd like to train. Your sensei tells you that you will be able to learn a technique from him. You:
  12. You learn the best move you thought ever existed. You're invincible! (Yeah, right) You want to use it for something. You:
  13. A sensei offers an offer to come with him and his students to begin a mission. You:

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