What Naruto Character are you?

Naruto. What is it? It's a Japanese Anime. Why did I ask you that? Cause' you're about to take a quiz on it, goofball! No, really, I'm jus' playin'. Wanna take this frikken quiz, or not?! C'mon, take it! It might suck, but do it anyways! It'll pass time, at least.

This is about what Character you are in Naruto. Note: It's all guy characters. Personally, I hate all the girl characters except Tenten & Temari... so, yeah. Anywho, this quiz is pretty fun, though it might suck, hahahahah. Well, find out for yourself.

Created by: Jenna
  1. What is your favorite color out of:
  2. Who's your favorite character in Naruto? out of:
  3. Your teamate runs in the cabin screaming like mad, & woke you up. What would you most likely do?
  4. Favorite song out of:
  5. Favorite TV show/movie out of:
  6. What would your advantage most likely be out of:
  7. What animal would you be out of?:
  8. What would you do if someone randomly came up to you & asked, "Ever tried throwing it to a donkey?"?
  9. Konnichewa!
  10. What quote would you most likely use?

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Quiz topic: What Naruto Character am I?