Which character from naruto are you?

Now, this quiz isn't for hard core naruto fans, or for anyone who are completely mad on the shows, manga, whatever. I just want people to have a bit of fun with it.

Are you shikamaru? Lazy, no motivation whatsoever? Or the opposite, naruto? Hyper, and overmotivated? Find out here! you could be anyone from itachi to gaara.

Created by: Wooly
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  1. You fight using....
  2. You walk past a ramen shop. What do you do?
  3. You see a special kunai in the window of a shop, you....?
  4. You see a man in an akatsuki cape. You....?
  5. You realize there was w ritten test to check the level of all genin/chuunin. You...
  6. Your dream is too...
  7. You are about to begin a fight to test your ability. You...
  8. You find some money on the floor. you...
  9. You are surrounded by enemies. you...?
  10. Last question. Which would you use in a battle.

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Quiz topic: Which character from naruto am I?