Which Ninja Will You Be??

Test Your Naruto Knowledge And See Who You Will Be Naruto All The Way To Choji You Could BE Gaara OF The Sand OR Sasuke That Would BE Grand OR YOu Could Be Naruto The Main Character At HAnd.

Who Will You Be It Is A Mystery Find Out When You Take This Test If You Like This Then Ill Do Another With A lil Bit Help? ---...-.-;-.-;-;- Enjoy And IF You Don't Ill KIll You Ok?

Created by: amazon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Character Would You LIke To Be?
  2. What Is Youre Favorite Colour?
  3. In A fight Would You.
  4. Which Girl Character Would Be Most Likely To Hit On?
  5. Who Is Your Sworn Rival Or Enemy?
  6. What Is Your Favourite Food?
  7. Who Is Your Sensei?
  8. Which Ever Character You Think You Are Who Is Your Role Model?
  9. Do You Have Any Sort Of Curse?
  10. What Is Your Technique?

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Quiz topic: Which Ninja will I Be??