What is Your Ninja Specialty

In the Naruto world there are many types of ninja. They all excell in there own field, wheather it be Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kinjutsu, Kenjutsu, or Hijutsu.

What about you? What type of ninja would you qualify as? Have you ever seen a test such as this? Well, now you have and this is your chance to take this test and see, what ninja speciality would YOU specialize in.

Created by: Jack
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  1. When preparing to leave on a mission what supplies do you bring?
  2. If you were to encounter enemy shinobi on you territory what would you do?
  3. When in a fight where are you?
  4. How would you interrogate an enemy shinobi?
  5. How do you spend your day when off duty?
  6. What is your physical build like?
  7. If ambushed what is your first action?
  8. If a comrad would call for help what would you do?
  9. What type of attire do you have?
  10. What whould you do in a friendly spar?

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Quiz topic: What is my Ninja Specialty