Tiny Plaid Ninja Character Quiz

There are many great Fabric Ninjas but which one are you? Take the Tiny Plaid Ninja Character Quiz and Find out! Are you the Blue Plaid, Red Plaid, Arygle or Floral Ninja.

Are you the Red Plaid Ninja or the Blue Plaid Ninja. The Argyle Ninja or the Floral Ninja. Take this quiz to find out! Find your true Fabric Ninja idenity!

Created by: Jackie
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  1. What colors would you rather wear?
  2. What do you do in your free time?
  3. Why are you fighting with your enemy or enemies?
  4. How do you spell "Honor"?
  5. Floral Ninja is your what?
  6. Who would you rather fight?
  7. Do you fight the Blue Plaid Ninja in the 3rd Movie?
  8. Would you like some more pudding Joseph?
  9. What do you do after Floral Ninja gets sqiushed by the squirrel?
  10. Which verison of Tiny Plaid Ninjas Episode 2 do you like the best?

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