Are you Pirate or Ninja?

There are two well known character types who rule. Pirates and Ninjas. We all know that these are two very cool characters. But if you had to choose who would you pick? The daring and larrikin pirate? Or the skilled and sure ninja? Or could you end up somewhere in the middle...?

Take this quiz to see if you are innately ninja or pirate.. or something else. I pity the fool who doesn't.. Once you know what you are you can go out into the world and cry out that you are team ninja! or team pirate..

Created by: Cody
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  1. Who would win in a fight between a ninja and a pirate?
  2. Would you steal someone's grog, missus and boat and laugh heartily at their reaction?
  3. Do you prefer to fight with a rusty Cutlass or an elegant Katana?
  4. Do you quench your thirst with a cold bottle of rum or a warm cup of sake?
  5. Do you wear a puffy shirt and bandana or a martial arts style outfit?
  6. Can you fight by yourself or do you need a gang?
  7. Do you throw metal stars or rusty knives?
  8. Should you hook up with a mate's girl? (Either offical girl or flame)
  9. Do you like to drink hard and often?
  10. Can you back up after a big night and do it all again?
  11. In your quest to be the best would you kill your master once he has taught you all he knows?
  12. Do you smoke?
  13. Do you take orders from anyone? Who's rules do you play by?
  14. Jack Sparrow or James Bond?

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Quiz topic: Am I Pirate or Ninja?