Are you emo,ninja,pirate,or vampire

There is a lot of different people/creatures but only a few get to be emo,ninja, pirate, or Vampire! You could be a depressed emo, a kicka** ninja,a sailing pirate, or a blood sucking vampire!

Which one are you? Do you have the ability to be one of these four?Until know, you could only guess which of whom you are. Take this awesome quiz and find out in only a couple minutes!!!!

Created by: katie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Lame question: favorite color?
  2. Wat is your fav. way to spend extra time?
  3. if you saw someone being attacked:?
  4. if someone threatend to kill you:?
  5. what is your fav. element?
  6. do you like this quiz?
  7. Which do u think you are?
  8. last question: which your fav?
  9. Jk last question: yes or no?

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Quiz topic: Am I emo,ninja,pirate,or vampire