Pirate Or Ninja?

Pirate or Ninja? Now you can find out for yourself! With just a few clicks you could be a pirate or a ninja within 3 minutes! You MUST be honest on this quiz though, because that's an important part.

Now, are you ready to start? Well, you can start when you're ready.You might not always get what you want though, so don't blame me for what you have. Good Luck! Start...Right.......NOW!!!!!!! (Sorry for the cheezy paragraphs...)

Created by: Jacob

  1. #1 - Do you often find yourself drunk?
  2. #2 - When you are walking through a crowded place, do you get noticed?
  3. #3 - When you were a kid, what did you normally dress like for Halloween? (And if you are a kid, what will you be dressing up for?)
  4. #4 - Swords or Daggers?
  5. #5 - Would you kill an unarmed / harmless enemy?
  6. #6 - Would you rather have the name of PurpleBeard or Shin Lo Classesse
  7. #7 - Do you have two eyes?
  8. #8 - How do you get from one place to another?
  9. #9 - Clothing style?
  10. #10 - In your mind are you a pirate or a ninja?

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