What leaf village ninja are you

This is a quiz to see if you are one of the 5 leaf village ninja i put in the quiz. This is for Naruto fans, but anyone can take it.A ninja is a you if you take this quiz. I would be happy if you take this quiz.

Are you a true leaf ninja?Which leaf village ninja are you? Your probably wondering which one you are, but thanks to this quiz, you will find out.Its good if your any of the ninja -accept for sakura-.

Created by: justin
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  1. You have beaten a enemy ninja,to finish him/her off you.........
  2. After you finish a hard training, you go......
  3. If Jaraiya ask you to come with him to the bath house to look at women you say......
  4. Before your fight at the chunin exams, you.......
  5. Your on your way to the ramen shop but you get there and its closed what do you do?
  6. whats your favorite color?
  7. Orochimaru just kidnapped (woman napped) Tsunade (even though its impossible for orochimaru to kidnap her, just go along with the test) what is your plan to get her back?
  8. Which fighting move do you like the best?
  9. What movie do you prefer?
  10. How would you get your crush to notice you?

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