What Naruto character are you?

Yo Naruto fans! You know there are thousands and thousands of Naruto characters as much as there is fans! See which main character you are most like! Your results could be Hinata, Gaara, Sasuke, and others!

If you are a true Naruto fan, try taking this quiz. You'll find out which Naruto character you are most like! I took a lot of time in making this quiz! This is also my first quiz to create! I hope I have your support!

Created by: Cindy
  1. Simple question : what is your favorite color?
  2. You are walking and you happen to see your crush or an attractive person coming towards you... how do you react?
  3. You have a big cookie that you love! The cookie you have is also your friend's favorite cookie. You are sitting beside him/her and you know they want it! What do you do?
  4. You are at an important meeting! A little boy spills juice on your new outfit. He even sticks his tongue at you! What do you do?
  5. Your classroom is on fire! What do you do?
  6. What personality describes you the most?
  7. If you were an animal, what would you be? Depending on your personality.
  8. If you were allowed to go anywhere you like, what would it be?
  9. Now, do you know what chakra means? You should!
  10. What is likely for you to say?
  11. Be honest! Who do you think you are most like in the show, Naruto?

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Quiz topic: What Naruto character am I?