Which Naruto Character are you? (10 possible results!)

After taking other Naruto personality quizzes I was unhappy (not) with the results, but with the way in which the questions were phrased. I do not like questions with answers that are obviously directed towards a specific character. I tried to make this quiz to where a person cannot manipulate it by making each question thought-provoking and (most) answers more (existentially) connected to a characters than a blatantly obvious connection.

Naruto is a show dear to my heart and I feel very connected to a few of the characters. Unfortunately before I started making this quiz I did not know the number of people you could pick from capped at eight. I did what I could with eight characters. I used both popular main and reoccurring characters. Hope you enjoy.

Created by: Ezio
  1. In a one on one open field battle what type of fighting range would you prefer?
  2. How athletic are you?
  3. "Every person is bound by his or her individual knowledge and awareness. That is what we call reality. However, knowledge and awareness are subjective, your reality is another's illusion". How confident do you feel you understand this quote?
  4. What kind of personality do you have?
  5. Which one of these feels the truest?
  6. What is the length of your hair? If have no choice but to be bald then choose a length that you would like to have.
  7. Where do you draw the most inspiration?
  8. What kind of leader do you think you are?
  9. Does living in your town or city for the rest of your life sound appealing or do you prefer being on the move?
  10. Out of these which is your biggest weakness?

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Character am I? (10 possible results!)