Which Naruto Character Are You? (Accurate)

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This Quiz Is On Which Naruto Character Are You And If You Did Not Get The Character You Wanted Don't Be A Little Crybaby And Complain About It Because This Is Only For Fun You Butthurt Little s---heads.

The Characters Included In This Quiz Are -Naruto Uzumaki-Sasuke Uchiha-Sakura Haruno-Kakashi Hatake-Might Guy-Orochimaru-Itachi Uchiha-Madara Uchiha-Pain-Obito UchihaAnd Also If Your Favorite Character Isn't Here I'm Sorry Because I Could Only Put Up To 10 Characters And I Picked 5 Main Characters And 5 Main Villains Of My Choice.

Created by: Itachi Uchiha of YouTube
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  1. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  2. Which Type Of Fighting Style Do You Prefer?
  3. Are You A Hero, Villain Or Both?
  4. Someone Is Getting Killed By Orochimaru, What Do You Do?
  5. Which Personality Best Fits You?
  6. Half Way!
  7. Sooooo........ do u like cereal?
  8. Which Character Do You Think You Will Get? (Doesn't Affect Anything... kinda)
  9. What Did You Think Of The Quiz?
  10. Ready For The Results? (Doesn't Affect Anything + There's A Hidden Message In This Question)

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Character am I? (Accurate)