What Naruto Ninja Rank Are You? Get Your Perfect Match!

When your watching or reading animes you're always gathering information, even without really thinking about it. Sometimes people want to know and experience some adventure which causes people to want to know what type of person they would be like. Having a quiz like this can show you your rank, it may be a small thing but ranking in the Naruto world is a big thing your life revolves around ranking and that also stands in the real world as well. You can just by this quiz see a vague thought of what your Naruto life would be like.

For all those Naruto fans! Haven't you ever wondered what rank you would be in the Naruto world?? Whether your a genin like Naruto or a chuunin like Kakashi? Well you can find out in a few minutes with this quiz!

Created by: Christine
  1. You are walking down the street feeling a little peckish, so you pop into the near ramen shop. Just as you were about to tuck in you hear a piercing scream. You shoot up from your seat and run into to the road and see a dark ninja pulling a women away. Yo.
  2. Your personality also affects the test results. Answer the one which matches up to your personality the most.
  3. You are ordered from the Kage a C-rank mission to escort a Famous musician to the sound village. As you were crossing the bridge, the right rope snaps. You find yourself and the musician clutching on the other left rope, above raging waters. You then...:
  4. You have finally got to the ledge! You sigh in a big relief. The musician is very pleased with your skills. You then set off again passing through another unknown village. The musician then tell you that he feels quite hungry and asks if we can eat. You th.
  5. After you eating situation, You have managed to successfully finished the mission. As you were still in the sound village you watch the musician perform. Many families have gathered and all of them dancing and enjoying the music, and children asking for th.
  6. Wow! Looks like you got out of that one alright! Well you're back to konoha and you next mission is to look after a young academy student, which is a little boy who is very shy and timid, he is always afraid of sharp object, but he really wants to become.
  7. As you were training "tree climbing" with your sensei he places many weapons onto the floor into pairs. He then says "fight me! Choose only two weapons! You smile thinking is he joking so you say "what do you mean?" He looks at you and nods in a way that.
  8. Well, going up against your sensei was quite difficult! But worked alright at least you made it out with only a scratch. I guess he went easy on you! Later on you begin to head on the way home, just as you were walking you spot a a group of people sneekin.
  9. What is most important to you?
  10. You are once again on a mission to find a lost cat. A pretty small task. But every task counts! But where to start... Mmm... You find the male cat by...:

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Quiz topic: What Naruto Ninja Rank am I? Get my Perfect Match!