Naruto Ninja Academy Rank

This a quize for those who want to be a ninja in the naruto world. Are ready to be a ninja if so take this quize. And find out if you have what it takes to be an ninja in the world of naruto.

The ranks are what make a ninja in the world of naruto. Based on you rank this would tell you your job and how the people would view you and what jobs who would have in the village.

Created by: Neji
  1. 3. You overhear the enemy's plans on invading Konoha one night. What would you do?
  2. 4. Your team was assigned an A-ranked mission- to escort an S-class criminal to a little village 20 kilometres away from Konoha. On the way, some baddies attacked your team and kidnapped one of your teamates. You-
  3. 5. You and your teamate catch up with the baddies, and you-
  4. 6. It turned out that the enemy was rather weak and you and your teamate defeated them easily, and rescued your friend! However, there was no time for rejoicing- one of the baddies had wounded your saved friend! The injury was not too minor...
  5. 7. Phew! After that exhausting mission, your team managed to complete the task successfully and return to Konoha. However, the next mission was a bit of a disappointment to you- taking are of the flower shop while the owners were out for an afternoon. You-
  6. 8. After an hour at the flower shop, a man walks into the shop and walks around, choosing flowers. As you stand behind the counter, you spy him sneaking a bunch of blossoms into his jacket and start for the door. You ask him where he's going, and suddenly he
  7. 9. Let's say you managed to catch the man, and as you set your hands on him he disappears in a puff of smoke! You realise that you have been fooled-
  8. 10. After a long day, you are finally returning to your home to rest. And suddenly, a shadow darts past you, and then you realise it's your little sister being kidnapped!
  9. 11. Last few questions- pick one of the following options that best describe yourself.
  10. 12. Lastly, which of the following are more/most important to you?

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