How Naruto Do You Know?

Who knows Naruto more than you? Probably everyone since you haven't taken this quiz yet. It is 16 questions long and very mind racking. Please take some time out of your way to see if you're a true ninja!

Are YOU a Jounin? A Genin? Or maybe you're secretly Hokage? Find out in my one and only ture ninja quiz which will test you in most areas of the Naruto world. Be warned you will be baffled at some of the questions.

Created by: Jessie
  1. Neji is a branch member of what clan?
  2. Which of these are NOT hand sign names?
  3. In episode 107 what fight happened?
  4. True or False. Sanbi is the four tailed demon turtle.
  5. Nin-Kame is only summoned by-
  6. Tayuya uses a what to attack?
  7. Nehan Shouja no Jutsu - Temple of Nirvana Technique is a __ rank technique.
  8. Which of these people did not die at all during the anime series.
  9. Deidara has a what color hairbow?
  10. Isn't Kakashi and Iruka the cutest couple?
  11. Genma's toothpick is also a -
  12. The fifth chakra gate is-
  13. The hand sign horse or uma represents which month?
  14. "Zabuza yuki ni chiru" is the Japanese title for witch episode?
  15. Ton-Ton is which animal?
  16. Just this last one. Read my mind. Who is my favorite character.

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