Who are you from Naruto?

As you watch Naruto, you wonder "what Naruto character would I be?". Well, here's the answer. Or at least, the set of questions that will provide the answer. So Take this quiz,and find out!

Well I said that i was making a new naruto quiz. So this is it! Yeah, I wasn't really proud of my last one (although it was pretty accurate). I just thought that it needed more characters.

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  1. You are wandering through the woods and all of a sudden, a group of sound ninja pop out and surround you. You..
  2. You enter the tournament ring and realize you're facing Rock Lee! You..
  3. You just beat Rock Lee..
  4. After the tournament, you..
  5. You are sent on a c ranked mission, that turns out to be an A ranked mission. You encounter two assassins trying to kill the person you are supposed to be guarding. you..
  6. During the fight, one of the assassins trap your sensei and leaves the other assassin to deal with your team. You...
  7. During a fight, you use..
  8. Just Curious.. Who do you think you will get?
  9. Ok.. Last Question.. After this quiz, you will..
  10. JUST KIDDING!! 1 more question... I promise.. Ok. What do you consider yourself as?

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Quiz topic: Who am I from Naruto?