Which NARUTO character are you?

"There are many smart and clever ninjas in the world of naruto. But none of them are as great as the man himself, naruto. He is the best ninja there is no matter how hard you argue with me."

"The people in this quiz are all from the show naruto. Some might be what i would do and the others are what they would do. This quiz is just for you readers and other on lookers."

Created by: Emmy Twomey
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  1. Do you have a secret crush you are to scard to talk to?
  2. If your friend is hurt do you...
  3. Are all the girls drooling over your feet and you don't know why?
  4. Is your favorite food RAMEN!!!!
  5. Do you want to kill your older brother?
  6. If you are going on a A-ranked mission by yourself and are attacted by Sound Ninja you....
  7. You are assigned a D-ranked mission and are working a flower shop you feel....
  8. Would you put your life on the line to save your friends or family?
  9. what is your rank?
  10. what is your name?

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Quiz topic: Which NARUTO character am I?