Naruto: Whats Your Ninja Rank?

Now I know that not very many people watch Naruto, or any anime for that matter, but for those who do and for those who are about to take my quiz, thanks.

Do you want to know what your ninja ranking is? Do you want to tell your friends what title you have? Well take my quiz so you can! I hope you get the ranking that you want.

Created by: Zaketsu Genkai

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  1. You are on a mission to quickly take out an enemy camp full of roughly 150 guys you:
  2. You are all alone and you get attack by 10 ninja's you:
  3. Your taking a test and you are not supposed to be caught cheating so you:
  4. You're not on a mission so you decide to:
  5. Your village suddenly gets attacked by a former Sannin you:
  6. You're fighting against one of your friends and trying to bring him home without doing any serious damage you:
  7. You live in:
  8. You excell in:
  9. You want to:
  10. Someone just kill the one you love most you:

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Quiz topic: Naruto: Whats my Ninja Rank?