naruto ninja rank quiz

this quiz is to see of you got what it takes to be a true ninja of konoha or what ever village you like this is the test for you see what rank you

do you have what it takes to take this quiz this will ask you questions that will trick you questions that are just to easy and questions that are just what ever

Created by: lawrence

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  1. your team is on a retrieval mission when you get ambushed by enemy ninja what do you do
  2. on your day of what do you do
  3. you are going up aginst a jounin who specializes in genjutsu and taijutsu who is your back
  4. if your going aginst zabuza what would help you defeat him
  5. what would you specialize in
  6. what is important to you
  7. your team mate is down and the enemys are closing in what do you do
  8. if you can learn one thing what would it be
  9. what summoning contract would you have
  10. which clan would you be in
  11. what would you use

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