naruto ninja quiz

this quiz is onlyy for those that are brav yet stupid enough to have nothing else to do. so for you lazy people enjoy the quiz just dont flip out afterwards

which naruto ninja are you jiraia, orochimaru,tsunade,naruto, sasuke, or sakura? find out in just a few minutes with this quiz all your questions are solved.

Created by: logan wood

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  1. you are on the way home and see a fight you:
  2. you have to summon a giant animal you summon a:
  3. you are teaching or learning for what reson
  4. someone has brok in to your house what do you do
  5. you have to learn a new jutsu from a set of five toppics you choose to learn
  6. there is a kid at school you like you
  7. your village hs been attacked you
  8. you choose the ype of sage you want to be you choose
  9. you are to throw a wepon at an enemy you throw
  10. you have been hit you

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