How much do you know about Naruto?

Naruto is a popular manga comic which is now a popular anime series. Naruto is about a ninja called Naruto who is trying to become a hokage in his village. This is a quiz so that people will know if their are a Naruto genius or not.

Are YOU are Naruto genius? Do you know everything about Naruto Sasuke, Sakura and all their friends? Now with this awesome quiz, you will find out if you know everything about Naruto! What are you waiting for? Play this quiz!

Created by: cupcake
  1. Who is Zabuza's assistant?
  2. What is Naruto's favourite food?
  3. Where is Sasuke's curse mark?
  4. When is Naruto's birthday?
  5. When is Itachi Uchiha's birthday?
  6. When is Rock Lee's birthday?
  7. When is Shikamaru's birthday?
  8. When was Naruto's first episode ever played on t.v?
  9. What does 'Naruto' mean?
  10. What does 'Kakashi' mean?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Naruto?