The Ultimate Naruto Quiz

How much do you think you know about Naruto? You can be a Genin, Academy Student, chuunin, jounin and a kage if you want! A Naruto-Know-It-All is a Shadow Spirit, a kamikage, because a spirit is all knowing.

Rules are: no checking wikipedia, no watching naruto while doing quizes, you can only be a kamikage, kage, jounin, chuunin, experienced genin, inexperienced genin, or an academy student!

Created by: Raichida
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  1. What does "shippunden" mean?
  2. What is Naruto's surname?
  3. What is does "kakashi" mean?
  4. What is Kiba's surname?
  5. What is Kurenai's surname?
  6. Who is Naruto's father?
  7. What is the name of Gaara's Demon?
  8. What is Naruto's demon?
  9. The six elements?
  10. What is the Surname of Iruka?
  11. Who is the sensei of Naruto's father?
  12. What is Naruto's Favorite Food?
  13. Name a wood element jutsu
  14. Choose the strongest Water jutsu below
  15. Who is Sasori's mother?
  16. Lets see, you have come to the end of the quiz. Final question: How many ninja are there in naruto (non-shippunden)? Hope you get it correct!

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