Which of my Naruto are Yu??

This is a rather funny quiz about which of my four characters of Naruto of mine are you most similiar to. If you know Naruto, take this quiz. My choices are Neji, Gaara, Shikamaru and Sasuke. Just answer the questions like you would if the questions were asked to you somewhere else from this quiz.

Are you ready to take this awesome quiz?? Do you think that you'll become what you'd like to be? Maybe you will, maybe you will. Please take the quiz to find out!!

Created by: Jeremy

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  1. A person says hi to you and sends a nice gesture. You:
  2. At a place you hang out, a man comes up to you to steal your money. You:
  3. Coming home at midnight, your parents want you to talk about why you came so late. You:
  4. At morning, you get up from your alarm clock and your friend comes straight in like a maniac. You:
  5. He/she wants to tell you that there's a party at the market and there's everything a party needs (beer, girls, etc.) You:
  6. You are happy about the party. You are happy and happy and happy and happy. You meet Goku on the street when you bump into him. You:
  7. After a day with troubles and idiotic antics, you are tired. On the street, a robber is attacking you. You are pissed . You:
  8. You sleep, and a bird hits your window. You hate that the noise woke you up. You:
  9. The next day, you must run laps around the town for your exercise. You are tired and need to get a drink, but can't 'cause you're broke. You:
  10. You find a 5 dollar bill on the ground. You think:
  11. Your worst enemy comes up to you. He says hi and waves. You think:
  12. Yes?
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