How much do you know about Naruto?

This is a quiz for the Naruto-fans. It's all about Naruto etc. If you don't like Naruto, go away........ You know what I mean. You don't know it? WELL THEN I'LL TELL YOU: Because I hate Naruto-haters. It doesn't matter or you're bored or something... If you're a Naruto-hater just go away.

Always wanted to know or that you know a lot of Naruto? Test it here and you'll see. I hope you'll score high. ^^ Do you score low, too bad. Try it again! Don't give it up, dattebayo!

Created by: Rozerdknop of Hyves
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  1. When does Naruto become a Genin?
  2. Who does Naruto have a crush on?
  3. Team 7 leader is...
  4. Who's in Team 8?
  5. Kakashi teached Sasuke a technique. What was that technique?
  6. Who teached Naruto the Rasengan?
  7. Who's the smartest out of those 5?
  8. Rock Lee's father is...
  9. Who became a Chuunin in the first Chuunin Exams?
  10. The last question! Who does Sasuke wants to kill?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Naruto?