Who is you Naruto girlfriend?

I hope you like this!!!!Who is going to be your girlfriend!!!1Enjoy!!Only For boy!!! Do IT!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!! Is it Tenten!!Is it Sakura!!Is it Ino!!!Is it Temari!!!Or is it hinata!!!!!Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think you girlfriend is Tenten,Sakura,Ino,Temari,or Hinata? Do this Quiz and you figure it out!!!!!Will you have Tenten!!!! Will you have Sakura!!!!Will you have Ino!!! Will you have Temari!!!Will you have Hinata!!Do this Quiz!!!!

Created by: Sharon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What weapon you want you girlfriend to use?
  2. Which birthday is close to you birthday?
  3. What Blood type you want you girlfriend to have?
  4. What s you girlfriend Nature Type?
  5. What you want your girlfriend height to be?
  6. What hair you want you girlfriend to have?
  7. What eye color do you want your girlfriend to have?
  8. What is you favorite food?
  9. What is you least favorite food?
  10. What you want you girlfriend favorite hobbies to be?
  11. What you want your girlfriend favorite phrase to be?
  12. Who you think you got!!!!!????

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