Are You A Good Girlfriend?

So do you actually think you are the greatest girlfriend? well i bet my quiz would like to beg to differ, or will it? take it to see if your boyfriend is telling the truth when he says 'you are the best girlfriend ever!'

do this quiz nooow if you want quick answers to your question 'are you a good girlfriend' enter noooww and be the first to see if you really are gods gift to your boyfriend :D

Created by: wouldnt you like to know
  1. You are on a date, do you:
  2. Its Valentines day, you buy him:
  3. You've gone on a big date with your two best friends and there guys, there guys go to by drinks and its the four of you do you:
  4. Its time for him to meet your parents do you:
  5. Your invited to your boyfriends house to meet his parents do you:
  6. You think your boyfriend is cheating on you do you:
  7. In your head list 4 tv programs he watches, 3 bands/singers he likes, 2 of hi favourite food and his prized possesion, once you have done that was it:
  8. When walking together do you:
  9. his idea of a great night it:
  10. how did you find these questions?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Girlfriend?