Would you make a Good Girlfriend?

This test is to designed to help you get a good idea whether or not you would make a good g/f or not. It by any means anything bad or good or whether or not you should take my advice if you'd make a good or bad girlfriend.

However, given the questions i'm asking, it is reasonable to ask yourself whether or not you're a good or bad boyfriend after answering these questions since these are the most common characteristics that determine how good or bad you are.

Created by: mrduckbear
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  1. If your b/f wanted to pursue a goal that could either ruin or expand his career, would you let him take that risk?
  2. If your b/f was having a bad day and he wanted to be alone, would you let him be?
  3. If your b/f wanted to make out or have sex but you didn't feel like it, and he kept on pushing you to, would you give in?
  4. If you saw your b/f with another cute girl just talking, how would you react?
  5. Following Question 6, if the girl is now fondling and touching your b/f sexually, what would you do then?
  6. Would you ever go away on a trip with one of your Male Friends' alone who asked you to go with him?
  7. Would you forgive your b/f if he cheated on you?
  8. If your b/f was not financially stable, would that bother you?
  9. If your b/f was in an rage and takes it out on you, would you forgive him?
  10. Would you ever allow your b/f to hang out with cute girls?
  11. If your b/f pisses you off for any reason, would you dump him?
  12. Would you expect your b/f to be with you whenever you need or want him?
  13. If your b/f has lied to you but has a good valid reason for doing so, would you forgive him?
  14. If your b/f admits to have kissed another girl, would you forgive him?
  15. If your b/f's appearance is changing whether getting fatter or skinnier, would you say something?
  16. If your b/f has noticed you yourself are physically changing and asked/suggested you to lose or gain back weight, what would you do?
  17. Would you ever let your b/f hang out with his ex's?
  18. Are you one to throw celebrations like birthdays, valentines, or special occasions for your b/f if something good or special happened to him?
  19. If there was something your b/f is doing that you don't approve of, would you say something?
  20. Lastly, would you still love your b/f if you weren't connecting to him through kissing or sex?
  21. Actually this is the last question, do you think you have a say in your b/f's future/career/goal?
  22. No wait, actually this can be the last question: If your b/f doesn't like to party or drink, would that be enough reason to dump her?

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