Are you ready for a new boyfriend/girlfriend?

Hi. Have you ever read the book series, The Dating Game? I'm on the third book, and I kind of like them.. So I decided to make some quizes, like the ones in the books.

They certainly aren't as good as the ones in the books, and quite longer, but hopefully they'll work. So find out if you are ready for a boyfriend or girlfriend. :]

Created by: Kirsten of this site
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  1. When you see them in the hallway, you:
  2. You sit beside your special someone in English class. They ask you to pass a note to their buddy, who sits on the other side of you. You:
  3. When they sign onto msn (or whichever instant messenger system you use), you:
  4. After school, you:
  5. It's Friday night. You are:
  6. You mostly fall for:
  7. Your ideal guy/girl has:
  8. And:
  9. On a date, you would:
  10. Your name is:

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Quiz topic: Am I ready for a new boyfriend/girlfriend?