Is your boy/girlfriend cheating on you?

Every person that happens to be in a relationship is always wondering whether or not their boy or girlfriend is cheating on them. Sadly, in this world, there is always that doubt.

When you take this quiz, I hope you know what you're getting into. If this comes up positive that they're cheating, it isn't my fault. I'm terribly sorry if this ends up becoming the case. :(

Created by: LoveDoctor
  1. Do you see your boy/girlfriend hanging out with another person of your gender a lot?
  2. Have you seen your boy/girlfriend show affection for someone else while you're in a relationship? (hugging does not count)
  3. Is your boy/girlfriend acting strange when you suggest the topic of cheating?
  4. Is the other person who you suspect is with your boy/girlfriend popular?
  5. How long have you and your boy/girlfriend been together?
  6. Has your boy/girlfriend ever left you in the middle of a date to go somewhere they wouldn't tell you about?
  7. Does your boy/girlfriend ever talk about the other boy/girl when you two are together?
  8. Does your boy/girlfriend have a history of cheating?
  9. Does your boy/girlfriend's friends ever mention the other boy/girl?
  10. Is there anything odd about your boy/girlfriend's activities with this boy/girl?
  11. Does your boy/girlfriend spend more time with you or with him/her?
  12. Does your boy/girlfriend ever suggest a breakup?
  13. Do you and your boy/girlfriend fight a lot?
  14. FINAL QUESTION: Have you and your boy/girlfriend spent less time together over the period of assumed cheating?

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Quiz topic: Is my boy/girlfriend cheating on you?