Do you think your bf/gf is cheating?

Are there weird things going on in your relationship that makes you think your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating...I've been through it all. Take this quiz to further your suspicions.

You've prolly had suspicions, but were never really sure. I mean of course if you've had doubts, they've been for significant reasons... that could most definitely be a sign...

Created by: chi

  1. Do you ever text your bf/gf and they don't reply until hours later?
  2. Have you ever called your bf/gf consistanly and it goes str8 to voicemail...?
  3. Have you tried to plan a date with your bf/gf and they made up an excuse for not going?
  4. Does your bf/gf like to hang/chill with their friends more than you?
  5. After sex, does your bf/gf get up go watch t.v., go directly to sleep without touching you, or act like it never happened?
  6. Have you been together for a holiday such as X-mas, V-day, or your birthday and not get appreciated?
  7. Have you ever been on the phone with your bf/gf and they tell you they have to go but don't tell you why?
  8. Does your bf/gf get argumentative when you ask them a question about cheating?
  9. have you met you bf/gfparents??
  10. How often are you with your bf/gf throughout the week?

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Quiz topic: Do I think my bf/gf is cheating?