How Saint Louis Are You?

There are a lot of quizzes that start with ''how...are you?'' and then list a lot of obvious facts about the place. Since I live in Saint louis, this quiz is more specific. No questions like ''what is Saint Louis' monument?'' will be on this quiz. Maybe some things you won't know, but if you are from here you should! I have even seen quizzes about Saint Louis; they are mostly outdated and have the same questions. All of these ones are new.

Are you from Saint Louis? Think you know a lot about this city cause you passed through town a few times? Maybe you know the Cardinals and Budweiser are Saint Louis, but what about music, movies and slang? We'll see about that!

Created by: Andrew
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  1. How many times have the Cardinals won the World Series?
  2. "If your momma gave it to you baby girl let it show!'' From which artist are these lyrics?
  3. Which of these things was invented in STL?
  4. What is your favorite movie?
  5. You go to the landing for a meal, what do you choose as a side?
  6. Which of these animals is a symbol for STL?
  7. You can't spell ___ without the STL!
  8. Have you ever seen the weiner mobile?
  9. Which of these are prominent STL night clubs?
  10. The Cardinals did not make it to the world series. Who do you root for?
  11. You walk into a restaurant and your dad starts whistling the theme song from ''The Godfather.'' ( How impolite I know.) Which part of Saint Louis are you in?
  12. Saint Louis lacks which food chain?
  13. Which of these things are you most likely to say?
  14. Saint Louis is in...
  15. A "hoosier" is a....
  16. "going to the casino" can also be said:
  17. Which of these phrases might you here from your grandma who is a Saint Louisan...
  18. Do you know someone who has been help up, jumped, robbed or other?
  19. You are abroad for a year and you meet a fellow St. Louisan after several months. What is your reaction?
  20. You go to France to study for a while. Where can your friends find you?
  21. If you are on a date, you will not want to go...
  22. Saint Louis can be defined as....
  23. You put your blinker on to get over, and there is a car just behind you in the lane you want to turn into. The car:
  24. The story for which movie originated in St. Louis?
  25. The car next to you is most likely...
  26. Do you like thunderstorms?
  27. You go out of town, and go clubbing. Which lyrics do you sing along to?
  28. How did you like this quiz?

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