how St. Louis are you?

how st. louis are you? have you lived here all your life or were you atleast raised here? this quiz will test your st. louisan level. answer as best you can and have fun with it!

are you a true st. louisan, or are you one of those rare kinds that didn't show up unti after highschool? this quiz will show the difference for sure!

Created by: chester
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  1. How tall is the arch?
  2. how much taller is it than wide?
  3. you're out of town and you meet a st.louisan. what's your first question?
  4. what is 'the barn'?
  5. how many games did the world series of 85 last and who won it?
  6. who's been making the best icecream in town since 1929?
  7. why do people still talk about the worlds fair like its a big deal or something? it was over 100 years ago!
  8. how do we eat our ravioli?
  9. if you were with me downtown after we won the super bowl in 2000, what would you have seen people doing on top of their cars?
  10. Nelly is from
  11. who is NOT from st. louis? (metro area this time)
  12. livin' in the 80's we talked about all our tv channels...
  13. a hoosier is:
  14. interstate 64 is....
  15. how many people do you know that pronounce interstate 44 as 'farty-far' and 'warsh' their clothes?
  16. blueberry hill
  17. where do you get groceries?
  18. when you are far away from st. louis, (like 2 time zones or so) and asked where you're from, what do you say?
  19. what movie was based on a supposedly true story that took place in st. louis?
  20. the following happened in st. louis
  21. how many teams have won the world series more than the cardinals?
  22. the Blues most amazing record they hold is...
  23. how do you pronounce the main street that runs out SW from downtown?
  24. if you are going to see musical theatre in st. louis, you most likely go to...
  25. st. louis has a rather high % of

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Quiz topic: How St. Louis am I?