Cardinal Fan Loyalty Quiz

This is the quiz to test your knowledge of, and loyalty to the St. Louis Cardinals (The current champs and the greatest N.L. Team ever). This is an easy quiz if you know your redbird history

Do you love St. Louis, Jack Buck, Busch Stadium, Stan The Man, and every thing else Cardinal Red? If so this this is the quiz for you. This quiz will test if you bleed Cardinal red or if god forbid you are a cub fan.

Created by: Anonymous

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  1. Whats Baseball Heaven?
  2. Who is "The Man"?
  3. Where do the Cardinals play?
  4. Who was the last Cardinal to hit for the triple crown?
  5. What is the Worst team in baseball history?
  6. What is Cardinal Nation?
  7. Who hit for the highest single season batting average and what was it?
  8. Who was the last Cardinal pitcher to win 30 games?
  9. What is the cardinals logo?
  10. How many championships have the cardinals won? what years?
  11. Who was the last Cardinal to win the MVP? The CY YOUNG? What year?
  12. Who are the last three Cardinal Mangers?
  13. What is the greatest National League team ever?

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