How well do you know Nicolai Kielstrup?

Not all people can appreciate great music! Most people just listen to the radio and forget about the loyalty true artists deserve! Most people are not obsessed with any one band or any one singer....but is this a good thing?

Do you listen to Nicolai Kielstrup? Think you know everything about the man behind the music? How well do you really know Nicolai? Take this quiz and find out your loyalty persentage! :D

Created by: Anna

  1. When was Nicolai born?
  2. Where is Nicolai from?
  3. What kind of dance does Nicolai NOT do?
  4. How many years did Nicolai spend at Legoland Show Academy?
  5. After watching his friends preform at the Junior Eurovision contest, what did Nicolai say?
  6. What was the name of the song Nicolai wrote for the Junior Eurovision contest?
  7. What year did Nicolai compete at the Junior Eurovision contest?
  8. When did Nicolai's first album go on sale?
  9. What is the name of Nicolai's first album?
  10. What is the release date for Nicolai's second album?
  11. What is Nicolai's second album called?
  12. What color hair does Nicolai have?
  13. What color eyes does Nicolai have?
  14. What are the names of some of Nicolai's backup dancers?
  15. What song did Nicolai sing live for TV 2?
  16. What kind of person is Nicolai?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nicolai Kielstrup?