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"Hip hop is the way to go. Let's see how much you know about Hip Hop and who's the biggest fan. The answer to these questions will prove your loyalty to the hip hop game."

"Are you a true hip hop fan or are you fke tryin' to act like you're a hip hop fan. Well thanks to this quiz we will all know who's real fan and who's the poser."

Created by: shonda
  1. What is Chris Brown's real name?
  2. What is Eminem's real name?
  3. What is 50 Cent's real name?
  4. What is R. Kelly's real name?
  5. What is Nelly's real name?
  6. Ne-Yo was born with what name?
  7. What is Snoop Dogg's real name?
  8. What is Jay-Z's real name?
  9. T-Pain was born Faheem Najm.
  10. Akon was born Aliaune Thiam.
  11. Which of the following artist performed the song "Hey Ya"?
  12. Finish the song. "To the window to the
  13. Which is the name of the group featuring 50-Cent?
  14. Who claimed to be on fire?
  15. Who is NOT in G-unit?
  16. Who did 50-Cent have a problem with?
  17. Who wants you to "drop it like its hot"?
  18. Who is still Ballin?
  19. Where are the St. Lunatics from?
  20. Where did Too Short begin his career?
  21. Which female artist said this? "Tonight I'll be your naughty girl"
  22. Usher was born in L.A.
  23. What year was Beyonce born?
  24. Who sings the song with these words? "Yup in my white..."
  25. Who sings the song, SOS someone help me?
  26. Who sings this song? "Cuz I'm bossy, yes I brought all the boys to the yard"

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