Who Sings This Song?

Music lovers everywhere Unit! This quiz is for the music lover. How well do you know your music? Give this quiz a try and see how well you do.Ask your friends and family for help if you need it. Search your ipod.

Do you know the difference between Bach and Led Zepplin? Do you have more CD's than clothes in your closet? Have you attended more concerts than school? Take this quiz and see how well you do.

Created by: Vanessa
  1. Panama
  2. The Diary OF Jane
  3. Another Brick in the Wall
  4. Whole Lotta Love
  5. Rock and Roll Fantasy
  6. Even Flow
  7. Hold the Line
  8. Aint That America
  9. Learning To Fly
  10. Listen to The Music
  11. Armageddon It
  12. Cold As Ice
  13. Road To Nowhere
  14. Freeze Frame
  15. Cool Change

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