who sings that song? do u know music?

Some people THINK they know music, but do they really? Find out in this quiz. Test your skills and see how well you know your singers and who sings what now. If you didn't know some of them even, its a benefit to know them now.

So can YOU tell who sings what song? Do you have the brainpower to pass this test? Up until now you could only think to yourself, am I a music genius. But now you can find out!

Created by: cdawg
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  1. Lollipop
  2. Bleeding Love
  3. Lovestoned
  4. Cyclone
  5. Take You There
  6. Can't Tell Me Nothing
  7. Sexy Back
  8. Die on a Rope
  9. Over You
  10. Riot
  11. The Way I Are
  12. Bed
  13. If Everyone Cared
  14. Too Little Too Late
  15. Shut Up and Drive
  16. the Great Escape

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