music quiz about r n b 2008

this is a music quiz have fun ya have fun it is about r and b it is very new music it is very hard and chalanging i worked very hard on it. It took about an hour to get it all done and took forever to listen to the music.

you wont get pass question six without missing one ha lol its something to while your inside during this very cold weather my favorite artists are Akon and Neyo

Created by: barbie
  1. Who sings "I wont tell"
  2. what is the correct line following this part from "Crying Out For Me" "im stuck in the middle
  3. who sings Bartender
  4. what color is akons jacket in bartender
  5. Who else has a song called Girlfriend besides advril lavgne?
  6. What is Soulja boys new cd called
  7. What is Rhianna's new cd called
  8. who sings low
  9. Who sings "Take You There"
  10. What are these lyrics from "I cant breath when your touching me"

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