2008 Music Quiz

They are making me write a paragraph so here it is. Do you want to be a genius. You can find out if you are by taking this quiz. This quiz asks you questions about some of of the top hits of 2008. You just answer the questions and it gives you a percentage.

I'm not sure what I have to do now. This is a great quiz. Please try it. It is only 10 questions long and the questions are not hard. Sometimes they are tricky.

Created by: James Foster

  1. Who sings Better In Time?
  2. Who sings Whatever You Like?
  3. Who sings Handlebars?
  4. As of Christmas 2008 which Kanye West was rated highest on iTunes?
  5. Who sings You Found Me?
  6. Who sings Green Light?
  7. Who sings Freedom?
  8. Who is featured in Marco Polo?
  9. Who is featured in Out Here Grindin'?
  10. Who sings Sell me Candy

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