How well do you know my December?

All about me. Why? Because I rawk. You know it. If you know nothing about me...get lost. Don't make a fool of yourself. :p Now, for you who are still there, reading...get ready. You're about to take the toughest quiz of your life. (Kidding. ...or not. :p)

How close of a friend would you consider yourself? Would you bet on it? Really? Alright then. We'll just find out, won't we? Answer the Qs, smartie. If you think you can. :p And please, no cheating. Cheaters suck! :p

Created by: Lisa
  1. December 10th has a special meaning for me. What is December 10th?
  2. When is Sparky's birthday?
  3. When does my family, traditionally, put up our tree?
  4. Where did we buy our tree?
  5. What's my FAVORITE decoration for Christmas?
  6. Family tradition for Christmas Eve?
  7. Alright...c'mon, you know it. When's my birthday?
  8. Which of the following do I like best?
  9. The BEST of the following xmas movies?
  10. How have I spent my last 2 New Years' Eve's?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my December?