Are you Santa or Scrooge

There are two types of people in December, those whom are in the holiday mood and those whom are, perhaps, against celebrating the birthday of someone unremembered or unseen. Some people, whom aren't Christian, should not take this quiz as an attack, it's just in fun.

Are you Santa, do you like to see the gleaming smiles of children.. who await, all year for toys and cool clothes? Are you more like scrooge and use reality as a weapon to show off your wisdom?

Created by: Shelly

  1. Do you start buying gifts before December 25th?
  2. Do you have dreams of four ghosts trying to teach you a lesson about sacrifice?
  3. Do you have a hankering for cookies and milk from strangers homes?
  4. Familiar with the phrase "Bumbles bounce" from "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer."
  5. Do you give gifts to naughty children.
  6. Are you stingy?
  7. Have you seen Dasher or Dancer this week?
  8. Do you personally know a little boy named Tiny Tim?
  9. Do you own a sleigh?
  10. Is your alias Saint Nicholas?

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Quiz topic: Am I Santa or Scrooge