Christmas Tendencies Quiz

The only constant is change, and attitudes are constantly changing as people come into contact with other people, and exchange ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. This quiz attempts to measure tendency and possible shift, to establish whether the participant is more or less conservative or liberal in attitude toward philosophical ideas and activities for the month of December.

Are your tendencies more liberal or conservative in regard to your view of December philosophical ideas, cultures and practices? Have they changed from previous years, or do they remain the same? Is your tendency more or less where you expect it?

Created by: Pikespeak

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  1. How does your planned 2007 shopping practice compare with that in 2006?
  2. How do you plan to pay for gifts you purchase in 2007?
  3. How will you decorate your home exterior for the holidays?
  4. How will you decorate your home interior for the holidays?
  5. If someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, how will you respond?
  6. If invited, would you attend a Hanukah, Qwanzaa or Saturnalia party this season?
  7. If invited, would you attend a Qwanzaa, Hanukah or Saturnalia worship service this season?
  8. If you see a Nativity scene in a public mall, your reaction is
  9. If you see a Nativity Scene on public property, your reaction is
  10. The recent flap about how Mall Santas shouldn't say ho ho ho because it frightens children, or is offensive to some women makes me
  11. Crowds in stores make me

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